Stephanie Mills and K-Ci From Jodeci Are Cousins?


In a recent interview with Rolling Out, legendary Soul singer Stephanie Mills revealed some interesting tidbits about her life and her music.

The woman who is near the top of most Old Skool lovers’ playlists said she has a song with rapper Fat Joe, who she said she found out was a big fan of hers.

Mills also said before any performance, she has to get plenty of sleep. The singer said she gave rapper Common the same advice–get plenty of rest to keep your body in good form.


“I can’t sing if I can’t sleep. I remember telling Common that on the set of The Wiz. He was like, ‘How do you stay looking young and vibrant?'”

Mills replied: “Rest”.

Mills also revealed that she would love to work with producer-singer Babyface, which is interesting, because its kind of ironic the two have never worked together considering the many years both have been in the business.

One of the biggest surprises of the brief interview is Mills’ collaborative music with K-Ci, of Jodeci fame. But its a family affair, because Mills says she and k-Ci are cousins.

Stephanie Mills and K-Ci on a track together? Yeah, I can dig that.

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