‘The Real’ Bids ”Deuces” To Tamar Braxton: Co-Host DROPPED From Line-Up


Its a wrap for The Real’s now former co-host, Tamar Braxton: the outspoken singer was cut loose from the show. According to reports, Tamar wasn’t reading getting good reviews from the show’s audience and sales people didn’t find her to be “brand friendly.”

Word has it the show’s production team claimed the singer was just too difficult work with. But here’s the irony: Tamar has been on the show for two years. Did it take staff that long to figure out she was an alleged pain in the behind–or was enough just enough?

Who knows. But immediately after word of her firing hit the Web, Tamar took to social media to blast some unidentified person(s) who she said “backstabbed” her–a person, Tamar says, her fans–whom she calls “Tamartians”–would know the identity of.

Speculation has centered o the alleged backstabber as being one of the other co-hosts, specifically Adrienne Bailon.

But in the aftermath of Tamar’s expulsion, the remaining women on the show have since taken to their own social media platforms to deny undermining Tamar.

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