Gladys Knight’s Atlanta Restaurants RAIDED And CLOSED Over Tax Issues


Gladys Knight once famously sang about leaving on a midnight train to Georgia, but it was The Tax Man who came by car, and when the dust settled, all 3 of Gladys Knight’s popular restaurants based in metro Atlanta were closed down after a raid which was executed by the Georgia Department of Revenue.

To say its an embarrassment of mass proportions for the Soul music legend is an understatement.

State tax authorities say the raid was connected to an in investigation involving Knight’s son, who oversees the restaurants. Gladys Knight is not part of the investigation that officials say involves about $1 million.


Gladys Knight’s Chicken and Waffles is an Atlanta soul food staple, for both residents and tourists. Its not uncommon for lines to stretch around the corner at their downtown establishment. Patrons who went to the restaurant only to find its doors shuttered by order of the State took to social media to express their surprise and shock at the events.

Reports indicate the restaurants may be allowed to re-open as early as Thursday, but they could all be under state control.


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