Soulja Boy and Chris Brown’s Made For TV Beef Coming To Pay-Per-View??

Rapper Soulja Boy is looking to capitalize on his Instagram “beef” with singer Chris Brown, which is probably what the point of all this back and forth was about to begin with. You might recall the two entertainers have been hurling threats at each other for several days now, garnering headlines on social media and blogs everywhere.

I smelled publicity stunt from the beginning. I mean, if two grown men wanna rumble, they don’t usually do it on Instagram. But at least, thankfully, there’ll be no guns and no one is expected to get killed. More dudes need to settle their beef with gloves instead of guns.

Soulja’s also letting it be known that he’s training with boxing champ Floyd Mayweather in anticipation of the now-fully commercialized beef between himself and Brown, which is set to become a boxing match made available live on HBO Pay-Per-View, according to Soulja.

Peep the poster:

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