Transgender Woman and Accomplice Charged With Attempted Murder and Kidnapping They Streamed on Facebook Live!

A violent attempted murder and kidnapping that was streamed on Facebook Live is the reason two people–one of whom helped execute the attack while dressed in full drag– are sitting in a Baton Rouge jail, facing years behind bars today.

According to reports, Tony Green, 23, and Keeston Davis, 25, went to the victim’s house and tried to unsuccessfully drag him out of his home but when that didn’t work, the two allegedly busted out the windows of the house.

The two alleged attackers then left but later returned and renewed their attack on the man after crashing into his car and beating the vehicle with a hammer.

The pair reportedly then turned their attention back to the man, and began cutting him with knives.

One of the victim’s injuries was so severe that it nearly punctured his Femoral artery.

The victim, who is said to be Green’s uncle, was taken to a local hospital.

Green streamed the entire violent spectacle on his Facebok Live account, making it easy for police to locate and arrest them both.

Here’s an Inside Edition video report on the story below:

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