Georgia Sheriff Loses Certification, Faces Removal From Office, After Being Arrested For Exposing Himself To Undercover Cop In Atlanta Park

Dekalb County, Georgia, Sheriff Jeffrey Mann may be looking for a new gig soon. That’s because the state panel that certifies law enforcement officers voted unanimously to revoke his certification–essentially putting a fork in the Sheriff’s career, since law enforcement officers are required to be certified in Georgia.

And all this came as a result of the sheriff allegedly getting freaky inside an Atlanta park back in May.

Cops say Mann was in a park in the city known for hook-ups among men looking for sex, when he allegedly exposed himself to another man on a bicycle.

Unfortunately for the sheriff, the cyclist was an undercover cop.

Mann took off running once he realized that, but quickly gave up and was arrested. The chase and arrest were caught on surveillance video.

The humiliated sheriff vowed to fight the case, claiming the whole thing was a ‘misunderstanding’, but ended up pleading guilty to charges of obstruction and prohibited conduct July 27. He was sentenced to pay fines of $2,000 and serve 80 hours of community service.

He was also banned from City of Atlanta parks for six months.

Mann is expected to appeal his certification revocation. The revocation doesn’t take effect until the appeal process is over.

If he loses the appeal, he could be immediately removed from office.

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