Hugh Hefner DEAD At 91

‘Playboy’ founder Hugh Hefner passed away Wednesday at his home from what has been reported as natural causes. The famed publisher and business magnate was 91 years old.

Hefner started Playboy with $600 in 1953 and ultimately oversaw the expansion of the magazine into a globally-recognized brand that at its 1970s peak, encompassed TV shows, jazz festivals, gentlemen’s clubs and more.

Hefner’s home, the “Playboy Mansion”, was just as famous as its owner and the two were almost synonymous. The mansion was renowned for being the hosting pad for Hefner’s exclusive cocktail parties, where scantily clad young women were in abundance.


Hefner sold the mansion for $100 million in 2016–half his asking price–at the time, making it the most expensive home sold in Los Angeles history.

But Hefner’s imprint and importance to the home was recognized even by the new buyers, who agreed to let Hefner remain in the home for the rest of his life.

Hefner was very candid about sex, and was outspoken about his reliance on and appreciation of Viagra. Hefner married in 2012; he was 86 years old. His wife was then 26.

Tributes to Hefner poured across social media as word spread among shocked fans and celebrities that Hefner had died.

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