Is Puerto Rico Trump’s ‘Katrina’?

Piuerto Ricans are coping with a food shortage, no water, and mass power outages and President Trump’s response to the crisis is under attack.

Trump’s critics say he’s seemed much more focused on dissing the NFL than ensuring life-saving supplies reach the people that need them in Puerto Rico.

16 people have already died as a result of the conditions present on the island.

Reports indicate that critical supplies have been slow to reach the island as life becomes more dire for the more than 3 million people living there.

Some are now saying that perceived indifference and a botched recovery effort is turning Puerto Rico into Trump’s Katrina–a reference to the killer hurricane that nearly destroyed New Orleans in 2005.

In Katrina’s aftermath, then- President Bush was widely criticized for his sloppy and less than hasty aid to help that city’s majority-Black inhabitants. Thousands lost life and property in the devastation.

Meanwhile, Trump tweeted that “poor leadership” is complicating humanitarian efforts, and went on to add that the island’s leaders, “…want everything to be done for them when it should be a community effort.”

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