Mystikal Facing Rape Charge, But Hopefully Not With A Public Defender

Legendary rapper Mystikal was accused over the summer of a sexual assault and he appeared in court yesterday without an attorney representing him.

People are talking. Is Mystikal’s financial well so dry that he can’t obtain a private attorney which, no shade, he probably needs because he’s already a registered sex offender and now he’s facing new sex charges–in Louisiana at that?

Mystikal’s Louisiana home. He was arrested for an alleged rape that took place at the home.

Mystikal has experienced a mighty fall from grace. Back in the 90s, he was at the fore of the vaunted No Limit Records music machine that dominated a portion of that decade. The hits came one after another back then.

But a sex case in 2001 resulted in Mystikal serving time, and being forced to register as a sex offender after he was released. His career post-prison never  recovered.

Its unclear what kinda money Mystikal is working with these days, but the rumor mill is saying Mystikal is coin-less. That’s not clear. But what is clear is he damn sure doesn’t seem to have the $3 million bail money that a judge has socked him with in Louisiana; he is still in custody after turning himself in back in August.

The charges include rape and kidnapping.

Mystikal friend and fellow rapper Lil Hood is also being held on $3 million bond.

A woman is also charged in the case and is being held on $500,000 bail. Cops claim she attempted to intimidate the victim and prevent her from cooperating with the police.

Its a big ole ugly mess.

Mystikal’s situation is especially shocking considering not just how big he once was in the game–but also because he’s once again been caught up in yet another sex assault case. He needs to maybe go celibate.

Mystikal has reportedly maintained his innocence.

Now the obvious question: is Master P gonna help his former homie out?

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