Steven Seagal Calls NFL Protests “Disgusting”

Everybody has an opinion about the wave of NFL protests that are now getting more attention than the games themselves. And now old-time actor Steven Seagal has weighed in, coming to the defense of his BFF, President Donald Trump.

According to Seagal, the NFL players who’ve taken part in the protests by  quietly kneeling during the National Anthem, are not “patriotic”.


“I think it’s outrageous, I think it’s a joke, it’s disgusting,” said Seagal, who last year–check this out–became a Russian citizen.


Seagal also dismissed criticism of his other homie, Russian President Vladimir–who is widely believed to have interfered in the 2016 presidential election–saying all countries engage in espionage, and that Russia doesn’t have sufficient technology to interfere with any election.

Seagal added that he blames Trump’s struggles on “leftover Obama-ites” within the political class that Seagal says are holding Trump back. He referred to them as “enemies within”.

Seagal is famous for a string of B-grade action movies from the 80s.

Seagal also filmed a forgettable movie with rapper DMX.

Later, he would participate in a reality show where he rode around post-Katrina New Orleans in a police truck with a camera crew.

Its unclear how he ended up in Russia.

Following Seagal’s televised interview, he was immediately trashed on social media. Twitter users hammered him for everything from him doing an interview with a backdrop of Moscow visible to his alleged dyed, jet-black toupee.

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