Will We Ever Find Out Who Killed Tupac Shakur??

21 years ago today, Tupac Shakur was wounded by bullets that would claim his life less than a week later.

And for 21 years, the mystery over who is responsible for the unsolved murder of arguably Hip Hop’s most influential artist ever is still that-a mystery.

Many documentaries, investigations, interviews, articles and essays have explored the events that led to Tupac being gunned down in a black BMW by assailants that were never identified.

There’s no shortage of conspiracy theories and suspects. But no clear link to Pac’s murder has been established, making Tupac’s murder one of the most high profile unsolved killings in history.

Tupac’s life and his legacy still touch us today in ways that almost make it feel as if he’s still with us. And his impact is felt and seen in today’s music and pop culture as well. College courses have examined his life and his lyrics. There has even been a movement to make his birthday a national holiday.

The mere 25 years he lived on this Earth encompassed what seems to be a lifetime. No can deny Tupac’s legacy.

But whenever you think about ‘Pac, you ask yourself, Why was a man who meant so much to so many murdered–and will we ever truly find out who killed him?

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