You, Me and SHE? Wendy Williams’ Husband Allegedly Caught With Long-Term Side Piece??

Daytime talk diva Wendy Williams is used to putting all the business out there–but this time around, its her business that’s got tongues wagging, because Wendy’s hubby, Kevin, has once again been accused of slangin’ meat to other women.

According to the Daily Mail, which brought the receipts, Mr. Wendy Williams has a side piece. And … he’s allegedly breaking bread.

32 year old Sharina Hudson has been ID’d by the paper as the side piece in question. And the nookie must be off the chain because ole Kev reportedly laid out $765,000 of his and Wendy’s money to put her up in a lavish, waterfront crib– just 9 miles away from the New Jersey crib he calls home with Wendy!

Reportedly, this isn’t even the first crib Kevin has put Sharina up in; according to the Mail, she and Kev previously shared a pricey condo Kevin owned in Fort Lee, New Jersey.

But, like George and Weezy, Kev and Sharina have evidently now moved on up to a bigger, more suburban, four-bed, 3,900 sq ft single family home in Morristown, New Jersey.

And, to make things even more scandalous, Kevin is reportedly living part-time with Sharina. The Mail says Kevin sees her at least 3 times a week, and has been involved with her for about 10 years.

He also sleeps over regularly. I guess that’s what you do when you spend damn near a mil on a crib, right?


But it gets even worse for Wendy: The side chick in question was also spotted wearing what appears to be an engagement ring. Could this mean Kevin is ready to back up the U-Haul truck, and head for the waterfront?

According to the Mail, Kevin and Sharina don’t seem to be making their relationship a secret: Sharina was photographed driving Kev’s customized Bentley SUV.

He’s also been photo’D lounging around the porch of the new crib.

Kevin has been caught up in cheating scandals before but this was a hotter mess than ever before because of the sheer magnitude of the messiness and sheer number$ involved.

With all this goin’ on, its hard to believe Wendy doesn’t know what’s up. But I checked Wendy’s social media pages and she has not commented on the scandal so far. We’ll see how long that is the case…

By the way, Wendy blew up by putting celebrities’ business on blast. It’ll be intriguing to how she handles this mess now that her bedroom is up for  public discussion.

Now, how YOU doin, Wendy?

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