Actor Kevin Spacey Comes Out After Being Accused Of Pedophilia


Veteran actor Kevin Spacey revealed what everybody already knew anyway; he is a gay man. The actor had been suspected of being on the DL for years, so the revelation was hardly breaking news.

But his coming out was precipitated by scandal: back in 1986, a fellow actor says Spacey tried to impose himself sexually on the young actor who was 14 years at the time of the alleged incident.

Actor Anthony Rapp is now 46 years old and is openly gay as well.

Rapp described Spacey as appearing possibly drunk at the time of the encounter, which went down at Spacey’s apartment where a party had just taken place. Rapp said he had to “squirm away” from the then-26 year old Spacey to get away from his advances.

Spacey released a statement apologizing for an incident that he claims he doesn’t remember, but nevertheless attributed the possibility that it could have happened to “drunken behavior”.

He was also criticized for coming out at the same time he’s being accused of attempted pedophilia.

Rapp’s admission comes at a time when revelations of sexual assault and coercion are rocking Hollywood.

Spacey stars as President Francis J. “Frank” Underwood in the popular Netflix drama, House Of Cards.

Its unclear if Rapp’s allegations will affect Spacey’s role on the show.

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