Azalea Banks Thinks Cardi B.’s Rise Is Part Of A Rap Conspiracy

Controversial rapper Azalea Banks is back on the Cardi B. hate train. The pugnacious lyricist is no fan of her fellow New York rapper and in a recent interview, Azalea suggests that Cardi B’s meteoric rise in the rap game may have conspiratorial roots.

According to Azalea, Cardi’s rise may have come at the expense of music industry men pitting top Black female rappers against each other in order to make room for the not-exactly-Black Cardi.

“Even if you look at the whole Nicki Minaj and Remy Ma debacle. These are like the two mainstream band stand black female rappers we have and you guys pit them against each other and egg it on and then brought Cardi B up afterwards? Come on, negros. Come on, negros. Come on.

I don’t know, for that to just have happened was kind of like stupid – men in hip-hop should have coerced them to work together. It looked really bad. It just looked bad and it kind of brought Nicki’s value down. Even if it brought Remy’s value up, it didn’t bring her the right value”.

“…Remy Ma didn’t even need to be on ‘Love & Hip Hop.’ Cardi B needs ‘Love & Hip Hop.’ Remy Ma does not need ‘Love & Hip Hop.’ You get it? And it’s almost as if there was a greater strategy to do this and pop Cardi B in there.” (The Black Media)

Cardi B. and Azalea aren’t BFFs. Azalea has trolled Cardi B. before, even calling out Cardi’s alleged ghostwriter.

Cardi recently became engaged to her boyfriend of about 7 months, Offset from Migos. Her hit track, “Bodak Yellow”, continues its dominance on the charts.

Social media users have relentlessly attacked Azalea for attacking Cardi and have accused Azalea–who some consider to be a gimmick artist–of being jealous of Cardi’s success while her own recording career appears to be circling the drain.

Azalea Banks has also become more known for her beefs than her music.

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