Bury Me A G: Unrepentant Condemned Inmate Throws Up Middle Fingers During His Execution

Last night, as he was facing execution for the shooting death of an Alabama police officer, death row inmate Torrey Twane McNabb had a couple of messages. One was for his mother and sister, who were present for the execution:

“Mom, sis, look at my eyes. I’m unafraid.”

The other message was for Alabama officials:

“To the state of Alabama, I hate you motherf******. I hate you. I hate you”.

He offered that along with two middle fingers to shocked onlookers.

McNabb was put to death for the murder of Montgomery police officer Anderson Gordon in 1997.

Gordon had been dispatched to the scene of a traffic accident prosecutors say McNabb caused while trying to flee from a bail bondsman.

That’s when they say Gordon pulled a gun and fired on Gordon, killing him.

Both McNabb and Gordon were just 20 years old at the time of the shooting.

McNabb’s lawyers argued that Alabama is using a cruel and unusual method of execution in an effort to try and get McNabb’s death sentence commuted.

Controversially, Alabama uses the sedative Midazolam to administer lethal injections. Critics say the drug does not effectively render someone completely unconscious prior to execution, and therefore falls under the definition of cruel and unusual punishment, which is Constitutionally prohibited.

But the U.S. Supreme Court dismissed that argument and allowed McNabb’s execution to go forward yesterday.

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