Cardi B. & Offset Engagement MONTHS In The Making

Watch out Gucci and Keyshia, Hip Hop’s other most favorite ratchet couple is getting hitched. That’s right, Offset from Migos has proposed to his main boo thang, rapper Cardi B.

It all went down at the Philly Powerhouse concert where both were announced performers. Offset simply tapped Cardi on the shoulder in what was a cute but obviously staged display, she spun around, and he dropped to one knee–microphone in one hand, big ass rock in the other–and popped the question.

Cardi was ecstatic. And so were the 19,000 or so fans in attendance.

Congratulations to the happy couple, who’ve had their share of ups and downs: just last week, Cardi posted on social media that she was single.

Barely 24 hours later, she retracted that announcement and professed her undying love for the Atlanta rapper.

The couple has been dating since at least February, when they were spotted at a Houston Super Bowl event together.

By spring, it became obvious that the couple were more than just motel buddies.

The couple was rumored to be engaged over the summer, when they were seen checking out diamonds inside Atlanta’s famed, high-end ‘Icebox’ jewelry store.

Reportedly, Offset left the engagement rings at the store–and purchased Cardi a chain instead.

This time, though, a wedding just might happen.

In an August interview with Charlemagne, Cardi seemed to be challenging Offfset to make her an honest woman:

“Every woman, I think, wants to get married and wants to have children. It’s never too early to get married now. You know, if you want to propose to me, you can.”

You gottta hand it to Cardi B.: this girl is winning.

Congrats to the happy couple!

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