Celebrity Pix..Jeremy Meeks

Former Cali state prisoner turned global jet setting model Jeremy Meeks is living an impossible dream: after his latest mugshot photo went viral basically overnight, Meeks inexplicably became the light-skinned, blue-eyed obsession of millions of lonely women (and some men) across the globe.

One of those women ended up being Briton Chloe Green–heiress to the billion dollar, British-based Top Shop empire. Green swept Meeks off his feet, helping to make sure he left his former life of crime behind–along with his wife and their kids.

Meeks was photographed arriving at LAX, puffin’ on a Newport, and Gucci’d down from his sweatshirt to his loafers. And I’m sure that’s the real Gucci–not that knockoff stuff from the flea market. After all, his chick is worth at least a billion.

Meeks was in town so he could file for divorce from his jilted wife, Melissa, who held him down while he was in the slammer, but who has been catching hell ever since her husband hauled ass–leaving her alone with some bad ass chirren and a half-empty bed.

Rumor has it nuptials could be down the pike for Meeks and Green, which reportedly has Melissa even more distraught. Here’s a pic of the now- fractured family during happier times:

Also, its been said that Green’s billionaire father is not too happy about the situation, but Green has her own loot and doesn’t seem too bothered by what daddy has to say about things.

According to HollywoodLife.com, though, Green fears Jeremy might one day cash out, and return to his soon-to-be ex-wife, Melissa–especially since Melissa allegedly underwent a recent vagina tightening procedure to whip that ole thang back into shape.

Fearful of his ex-wife’s new and improved vagina, according to HollywoodLife, Green tries her best to keep Meeks happy–and extra close to her.

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