DJ Envy Caught Up In ‘Booty’ Scandal?

DJ Envy is used to taunting his guests as one of the three co-hosts of the nationally broadcast radio morning show The Breakfast Club. 

But this morning, it was his turn.

This all came as a result of a Snapchat conversation Envy is alleged to have engaged in that included some references to booty munching and 9 inch strap-ons.

According to Snapchat, the married DJ is a big ole freak. And he’s down for seemingly whatever.

And social media users were relentless in teasing him about it.

Envy’s ass-eating/strap-on revelation became an immediate trending topic on Twitter–currently, there are close to 68,000 tweets bearing his name.

None of this is probably news to Envy’s long-suffering wife of nearly two decades, Gia Casey. She’s known for years that her hubby gets around.

Over the summer, though, Casey admitted to Essence Live that her hubby’s cheating got so personally overwhelming that she had to seek out Jesus to fix it.

God became a part of our relationship and our marriage, and we put him in first – everything followed behind that. Just like he said, I could have never imagined being as happy as I am now. And I thought I was happy before! I couldn’t imagine that connection between someone else.”–Gia Casey to Essence Live

Envy agreed that his libido was so out of control he just couldn’t help himself.

He said only The Lord can hold him back:

“You know, I’m not going to say I wasn’t into church and God before, but when that incident happened, it just opened our eyes as a family; not just me and my wife. To the point where, we pray every morning before I go to work. Everything in our family is based on our faith now,” Envy said.

In 2013, Envy also admitted to cheating on Casey with reality star Erica Mena.


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