Fans Want Eminem To Run For Senate Against Kid Rock; Trump Supporters Trash Em on Twitter

In the aftermath of his surprise, scathing diss aimed at POTUS Donald Trump–which fans loved–Eminem is back on folks minds. And some are saying they wanna see Em in the capital.

Not the capital record label; the actual capital of the country–Washington, D.C.. As a U.S. Senator. More specifically, they want the Michigan-based rap mogul to go head to head with hillbilly folk singer Kid Rock, who is also preparing a run for the U.S. Senate in Michigan.

Now, controversy aside, Em and Kid Rock are longtime friends and home boys: both hail from the same Detroit area. And Debbie Stabenow, the current Senator whose held the seat since 2001 and plans to run again, is beating Kid Rock by 20 points in recent polls. So this might be a fantasy left unfulfilled.

On social media, Em and his diss track have been trending all day, with Eminem getting lots of love from users who gave the rapper a thumbs up for his performance.

Meanwhile, Em’s stock with the Trump crowd has fallen after he called them out in that diss track. Some took to Twitter to express their disgust and declare they’re done with Em, although I doubt some of these people even know what a rap song is in the first place:


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