Kordell Stewart SUES Blogger Funky Dineva Over ‘Gay’ Video

Former NFL quarterback Kordell Stewart is suing Atlanta blogger Funky Dineva over a video that Dineva posted on his website, Funkydineva.com, that Dineva suggested was footage of Stewart showing off his bare butt cheeks to another man.

The video went viral.

In his lawsuit, Stewart claims Dineva–birth name Quintin Latham–created a fake email account and then sent the video in question to himself in order to make it seem the video came from an anonymous source.

Stewart also claims Latham posted a story alleging that Stewart intended to marry filmmaker Tyler Perry.

Stewart has long been the target of unsubstantiated “downlow” rumors, dating back to his days as a Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback.

Stewart’s former wife, Real Housewives of Atlanta Star Porsha Williams, seemed to exacerbate the talk while the couple were working through a bitter divorce after just two years of marriage.

It was Williams who Stewart initially accused of supplying the purported video to gossip sites.

Stewart has gone to court over gay allegations before. Stewart sued Andrew Caldwell–infamous for his “I Ain’t Gay No Mo'” viral church confessional YouTube video–over allegations Caldwell made claiming he had allegedly been sexually involved with Stewart; a default judgment of $3 million was awarded to Stewart after Caldwell didn’t show for court.

Stewart is suing Latham for an undisclosed sum.


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