Man Tweeted About Attack On Girlfriend, Gets LIFE SENTENCE

It went down in the DM, and the Timeline, and then at the Mote.

And, because of all that, it went down in the courtroom too.

According to the Atlanta Journal Constitution (AJC), a former California man, Orlando Mickey Rhinehart, 31, allegedly detailed an attack on his girlfriend on Twitter that featured him picking her up from a suburban Atlanta motel, beating the woman, pulling her hair weave out, and then spitting on her.

He then allegedly hit a friend up and let the friend know he’d be driving the woman over so the friend could beat on her too.

But after the attack, the woman was able to jump out of the car and escape. She suffered slight injuries as a result, but she was able to flee to a nearby Sam’s Club for help.

Rhinehart had previously lived in Sacramento, California, where court records show he had been charged with murder in 2014.

Rhinehart was sentenced to life in prison on Georgia charges of kidnapping with bodily injury and two counts of battery. He was acquitted of robbery and aggravated assault.

After sentencing, the prosecuting attorney called Rhinehart a “murderous man” who “is no longer free to terrorize the vulnerable.”

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