Man Was DEAD In His Home For 2 YEARS–And Nobody Noticed

An Atlanta-area man believed to be 48 years old was found dead in his home but that’s just the beginning of the tragic story: the man may have been dead for up to two years–and no one seemed to notice.

The strange story begins with two yet-to-be identified sisters who were looking after their parents home after their parents passed away some years ago. At some point, the sisters moved their brother into the home.

The sisters would check on the brother every now and then, neighbors recalled. Neighbors also said they would see the man, who was described as “sick” from some unknown condition, step outside the house once and awhile.

But the last time anybody recalled seeing him was two years ago.

It gets weirder.

A tree fell on the house last year, and neighbors contacted the sisters to let them know.

But its unclear if the sisters ever came to check on the damage–or their brother.

Code enforcement came to the home but for some reason, did not go onto the property or enter the home. Neighbors say they thought the man had moved out of the home.

Meanwhile, a homeless man had begun visiting the home to collect scrap materials. He told a neighbor last Friday that there was a dead body inside the home. The neighbor told the homeless man to call police but the homeless man didn’t. So the neighbor called police this past Monday.

When police arrived, they found skeletal remains lying in a bed.

Not surprisingly, there are plenty of questions. And few answers. Police are not only trying to get information from the sisters, but they also don’t know how–or when–the man died.

“Right now, they don’t even know how long he’s been dead,” said Shiera Campbell, DeKalb police spokeswoman.

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