Mary J.’s Ex Wants More Support Cash

Superstar Mary J. Blige has man troubles. Her now-former husband of 12 years has gone to court again, this time saying the already massive $30,000 per month he gets from her in monthly spousal support is just simply not enough.

He wants more. A LOT more. After all, he has an alleged side chick(s) and rumored extramarital kiddies to look after, right?

According to reports, Martin “Kendu” Isaacs–formerly known as Mr. Mary J. Blige–says that Mary has profited off their very public and scandalous breakup. He says, thanks to the success of several heartbreak melodies released in the aftermath of his publicly revealed infidelity, Mary now has more cash on hand–and he wants his cut.

On top of that, the accused gigolo also has the nerve to claim that since he left the couple’s $8 million mansion, he’s now living in near-destitution, barely able to survive on that 30K per month, and enduring life in a meager 1,400 square foot L.A. pad. Poor baby.

Isaacs wants his support increased to $65,000 per month. He says Mary can afford it because she’s now banking $275,476 per month.

Mary J. Blige dropped Strength Of A Woman in April. It debuted at #3 on the charts.

The singer then went on every talk show around to complain how she’d been used by her husband and how emotionally devastated she was to anybody who would listen.

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