Overweight Elderly Woman Accused Of Sitting On 9 Year Old Child, Smothering Her To Death!

Its a Big Momma thang. And this Pensacola chub is facing a murder charge after being accused of a horrible and deadly crime: sitting on and smothering to death a 9 year old child, Dericka Lindsay!

Veronica Green Posey, 64, is an obese 325 pounds. Police say she laid all that tonnage on a 9 year old girl who Posey claims was misbehaving.

And police say Posey sat on the child for 12 minutes!

Lindsay said she couldn’t breathe 10 minutes into the lethal sit-in. But Posey allegedly sat on her another two minutes before getting up.

By that time, the child was in cardiac arrest.

Posey reportedly performed CPR but was unable to revive the child. Paramedics were called and they also were unable to revive her.

Posey was later booked into the Escambia County Jail, charged with homicide and child cruelty.

Also charged as accomplices, a couple of old people who should have known better: Grace Joan Smith, 69, and James Edmund Smith, 62–Lindsay’s reported “parents”.

More sad and shocking: Lindsay was allegedly hit with a metal pipe before she was sat on.

Posey must have been able to tuck away enough cash from her enormous food budget to make the $125,000 bond that she needed to get out of jail: She’s now walking the street after posting bail.

Grace has a bond of $75K and James $50K. They both are still locked up, charged with child abuse and failing to report abuse.

A spokesperson said Florida Department of Children and Families is very familiar with the family. But its unclear why, if that’s the case, the child wasn’t relocated to a safer, more stable home.

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