Porsha And Marlo Fight On RHOA Trip??

Reports are circulating that Real Housewives of Atlanta co-star Porsha Williams and occasional guest Marlo Hampton got into some drama over in Spain where the ladies’ annual trip was being filmed.

Porsha supposedly put a stick –or possibly a knife, depending on whom you believe– in Marlo’s face, which Marlo supposedly then snatched away from her. That’s when things turned physical.

Security is said to have got involved and Porsha ended up being sent home a day early.

Porsha has been known to put her paws on folks.

A few seasons ago, footage emerged of Porsha, dressed in a Santa’s elf outfit, chasing down her former assistant and delivering a vicious beat down in an alley behind a restaurant.

And Marlo has been known to put a cutting on somebody. She was once locked up in Florida over trying to turn a female rival into Swiss cheese with a box cutter. The woman reportedly later committed suicide.

Hopefully this is another RHOA promotional stunt because that sounds like a very dangerous affair if its not.

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