Repo Man Wants 2 Chainz??

Rapper 2 Chainz had a 2013 hit with the song, “Feds Watching”. But he might wanna drop a new track called, “Repo Man Watching” too. That’s because 2 Chainz is accused of owing money on an ultra-fancy whip, and not even thinking about paying the balance.

TMZ has the receipts. According to the gossip site, Chainz–birth name Tauheed Epps, who once upon a time rapped as Tity Boi–ordered a Denver, Colorado based auto broker to grab a Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead for him.

The broker claims 2 Chainz agreed to pay $262,212 so the car was delivered to 2 Chainz’s Atlanta home. Most of the funds were covered, the broker claims, with the exception of  $18,317, which the broker says is owed to them and they want it.

Now everybody knows that 2 Chainz has $18,000. He probably drops at least that much on any given night at Magic City. So its unclear why he allegedly ain’t coughing up the coinage.

In any case, the broker has filed suit. No word yet on what steps 2 Chainz will take to challenge or settle the accusation.

2 Chainz is a multi-platinum selling artist based out of Atlanta. He most recently made the news for his Pink Trap House in Atlanta, which drew spectators from cities across the country and helped further snarl traffic in the city.

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