Tiny Talks Internet Beefs and Reuniting With Xscape AND T.I.

Tameka “Tiny” Harris sat on the couch with Hot 97’s Nessa to talk about a range of issues, including reuniting with the other members of Xscape, raising her kids, and her feelings on being a visible female figure in a male-dominated industry.

That’s all good. But what folks are really talking about is T.I. and Tiny evidently calling off their divorce. Did Tip have to agree to drop the THOTS in order to reconcile?

Tiny didn’t say, and Nessa didn’t ask, unfortunately.

“Whatever is gonna be, is whatever is gonna be”, Tiny said. “If we feel like we can deal with each other’s craziness, and still move forward and do what is for the better for us and our kids…then that’s what its gonna be”.

T.I. and Tiny’s relationship drama has been playing out publicly for years. But last year, the rumor mill had T.I. moving into a separate home allegedly after T.I.’s side chicks became too much–and too many–for Tiny.

But the couple were often seen photographed together with their kids during times when rumors had them barely speaking to each other.

Tiny didn’t get into all that, but she did say she and Tip are trying to “figure it out”.

T.I. and Tiny have a combined 6 children, both together and from previous relationships.

After a long courtship–and kids–they married in 2010.


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