Way-Back Wednesdays…Luther Vandross: So Amazing (Live)

Today, a few folks who clearly don’t know what music is supposed to sound like, tarnished the legacy of the late and great Luther Vandross by tweeting that Luther didn’t bring it, using the awful #LutherDontSlap hashtag.

The slander became an immediate trending topic as an outpouring of fans on Black Twitter expressed horror and disgust at the obviously deaf person who had the nerve to tweet such a thing.

Now, people are free to choose who they decide to become a fan of. But whether you count yourself as one of the millions of Luther Vandross fans still out here, one thing nobody can deny: Luther Vandross was an excellent singer and musician.

Vandross died in 2005 after a career that spanned four decades; 8 Grammy wins; 14 albums; and more than 30 million records sold.

This is Luther singing one of his most beloved hits, “So Amazing”, live. Its like listening to the MP3 in your car. Few artists could or can do it like Luther did it:

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