Chrisette Michele Visits ‘Breakfast Club’: Talks “Regrets”; Trump Inaugural Performance; and Scandalous Miscarriage Photo

Singer Chrisette Michele is one of the best and most versatile singers of our time–period. We want her to win so badly. But she’s had her setbacks–and they’ve all happened pretty publicly.

In a visit to The Breakfast Club this morning, the “All I Ever Think About” singer discusses some issues she’s caught significant flak for, including her decision to perform at President Donald Trump’s inauguration, along with her involvement in a swiped miscarriage photo incident.

Charlemagne got right into it. He also offered the singer lotion for what he said were her “ashy” hands.

Chrisette denied she was seeking attention when she posted the miscarriage photos.

The situation turned scandalous and humiliating for Chrisette when the woman who the photos actually belonged to went public.

Chrisette admitted that she did not support Donald Trump, and said she believed Trump was “not a good choice” for president–although she sang at his inauguration anyway, which she received broad criticism for.

Chrisette said she understood that she disappointed many of her fans with her actions and apologized for that a few minutes into the interview.

Check out the interview below.

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