Da Brat’s Advice To Sex Assault Victims: “Just Let It Go”

In late but interesting news, rapper Da Brat sparked some hate a couple of days ago after she said on the Rickey Smiley Morning Show that anybody who was a victim of sex assault a long time ago–evidently, 5-10 years–needs to “just let it go”.

Brat’s comments were not received well by many on “Black Twitter”:

Much to the confusion of many fans, Brat has never come out as lesbian although anybody with two eyes can see what time it is, but what she will do is hit a chick with a bottle.

In 2007, she was sent to the slammer for whacking a woman upside the head with a bottle who Brat allegedly accused of flirting with her then-girlfriend.

Further back in 2001, Brat allegedly walloped another woman with a bottle because the woman impeded Brat’s view at a strip club.

Interestingly, both were reported to be rum bottles, evidently Brat’s preferred liquor.

Brat is now a co-host on Smiley’s show.

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