Don’t Turn The Stove On If You Ain’t Goin Fry The Bacon: Video Of Georgia Tech Football Player KO’ing Teammate

Sometimes, there’s drama in the locker room. And even though its unfortunate that college athletes with bright futures ahead of them are putting hands on each other, like the old-timers say, “Don’t turn the stove on if you ain’t gone fry the bacon”.

So when you step to somebody, make sure you’re ready to throw down or end up getting thrown down. Simple rules.

Two Georgia Tech football players got into a brief scrap that ended in one being knocked out cold on the locker room floor earlier in the season, according to TMZ.

Defensive backs Step Durham and Lance Austin apparently had an issue, so Lance confronted Step, who seemed short on conversation.

He dropped Lance with a quick right.

Like a gentleman, Step helped his unconscious teammate up off the floor though. Wasn’t that thoughtful of him?

Its unclear why the video is just now being released–or what, if any, punishment was meted out since the university confirmed to TMZ that they were aware of the incident.

On a positive note, Lance and Step are reportedly cool again.

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