Kandi Confirms Tiny & T.I. Are Still Together

You can always rely on at least one of your closest friends to tell folks how it really is–even if you’d prefer they not do it.

Last night on Watch What Happens Live, the ladies of re-united (for now, it seems) legendary group Xscape visited Andy Cohen immediately after the second season episode of their new reality show, Xscape: Still Kickin It aired.

At the end of the interview, Cohen basically asked Tiny if she and rap mogul T.I. are themselves ‘still kickin’ it’.

Pointing out that getting back into performing would be a good way to take her mind off her well-documented, on-again, off-again relationship drama, Cohen asked how the couple is doing “post break-up”.

“Yeah, everything’s everything”, Tiny said. “Still…doing…just going”, she added with a laugh.

But Kandi confirmed what fans everywhere already know: the couple is still going strong, strippers and Instagram models be damned.

“Y’all ain’t broke up”, Kandi said with a side eye.

“They’re not broke up”, Kandi continued then asked, “Was I supposed to say that?”

Tiny and T.I. are one of the for-real ride or die couples of our lifetimes. The two have birthed and raised kids together, starred on TV together, went to lockup together, and together oversee a financial empire that spans not just music but TV, apparel, and film as well.

Tiny also held her man down after he was sent away to the federal pen on gun charges.

The couple married in 2010.

Few fans believed the popular couple would ever actually split anyway.

Some fans even claimed breakup rumors were created to draw publicity to the couple’s now-defunct VH-1 reality show, The Family Hustle.

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