Nearly 5,000 Pounds of Explosives and Dynamite Couldn’t Bring Georgia Dome Completely Down: Video

Houston, we have a problem. The Georgia Dome, previous 25-year home of the Atlanta Falcons, imploded this morning but not all of the building went down.

Two walls were left standing.

“We have to investigate whether the charges (in those sections) went off,” he said. “If the charges went off, it’s not going to take much at all (to knock the walls down)”, Rick Cuppetilli, executive vice president of lead demolition contractor Adamo Group, told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

He said the demolition would be completed by “mechanical” means.

The implosion of the Dome was something folks around Atlanta had been waiting to see. Some had posted countdown timers to mark the date and time the Dome would finally be leveled.

Many Atlantans wondered if the Dome implosion would impact the new stadium since they only sit about 85 feet apart from on another.

The new Mercedes-Benz Stadium opened over the summer. Reportedly, the new stadium wasn’t affected by this morning’s destruction.

Photo: Bob Andres/AJC
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