Real Housewives of Atlanta Returns: New Beef, Old Beef, and Ne Ne’s Got a New Face (Recap + Full Vid)

The Real Housewives of Atlanta are back for yet another season–its 10th. Like Biggie said, “Who’d ever thought we’d make it this far??”

And this time around, the theme seems to be old friends, old new friends and old friends becoming new enemies.

Porsha and Ne Ne “Lil Kim” Leakes

Case in point: Ne Ne Leakes and Porsha Williams. The two used to be cool but it appears this season will largely revolve around whether or not these two will pull each other’s lace-fronts completely out or not.

Here’s the shade though: The beef between them seems over-scripted. Is Ne Ne pissed because of what Porsha said about Kandi allegedly having a sex dungeon, or is Ne Ne upset because Porsha didn’t take her advice about chillin’ out with the physical violence?

Conversely, is Porsha mad because Ne Ne said she should be fired because of the sex dungeon controversy, which resulted in Phaedra losing her peach?

Don’t know. But what I do know is reality TV only works when there’s beef. It’ll be interesting to see how producers build this crescendo over the next 4 months.

Meanwhile, Ne Ne appears to have a new face…or something. She definitely looks different, in a RuPaul’s Drag Race sort of way. IJS.

Sheree AKA The Bone Collector

I don’t know whether or not Sheree’s return was contingent on her being able to stir up enough boo boo to keep the shade train going but she’s working overtime.

Only in the world of reality TV would anybody sit and dish dirt to a lady who clearly approaches sh** starting as a profession. I mean, Sheree seems to have no other purpose on this show other than carrying shade.

I ain’t mad at her. Whatever pays the bills…


Kandi Burruss has finally opened her and hubby Todd’s OLG restaurant on Peters Street near downtown Atlanta, and its making noise–and money. She’s also reunited with her band mates from Xscape so she, as usual, has her hands full trying to keep her pocketbook full.

But she’s still finding time to re-hash her grievances with Porsha. This is another focal point of the new season.


Cynthia Bailey claims to be totally in chill mode now that she’s husband-less while also living large in her laid, two-story, waterfront château.

It appears Cynthia’s storyline will revolve around her Golden Girls-esque attempt to rebuild her life now that her ex, AKA Peter Thomas, an Uncle Ben lookalike, is history.

Kenya Moore

I’s married now, says Kenya Moore, whose alleged inability to find/keep/hold onto a man has played prominently in her storyline since the day she landed on the show.

But Kenya found a man to put a ring on it, and she’s glowing because of it.

But the drama is just beginning: reportedly, Kenya’s hubby doesn’t want anything to do with the Housewives filming. He probably saw how cray cray Matt Jordan, Kenya’s former love, ended up looking and decided to take a pass.

The question: in an ironic twist, will the show that helped Kenya hold on to one man help her lose another?

Kim Zolciak

Kim Zolciak didn’t make her conditional appearance on the show yet. Judging by Twitter’s response, not many seemed to care.

Kim’s return will reportedly be conditioned on her newfound BFF status with Porsha.

Kim probably is happy to oblige, since she’s now the breadwinner of her still-growing family: her hubby, former Atlanta falcons player Kroy Biermann, still hasn’t found a team willing to pay him for his declining sill set.

Kim’s salary is reportedly at or near 7 figures for her return as a part-time Housewife.

Video below.

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