Still Missing, ATL Rapper Bambino Gold’s Disappearance Rehashes Details In Lil Phat Murder Case

Exactly one week after family members say Atlanta rapper Bambino Gold and his 30-year-old cousin left the city en route to Montgomery, Alabama, there is still no word on where the rapper and his cousin, Kendrick Stokes, AKA Skooly, could be.

And anxious family, friends and fans are struck with fear and worry.

The search for the rapper is intensifying, as an increasing number of news stations and other media outlets have begun posting stories and making inquiries into the unusual disappearance of the one-time Trill Entertainment artist.

Although no information has been released to the public that suggests the men have encountered foul play or are in physical danger, that hasn’t stopped panicked fans of Bambino from flocking to social media to hypothesize about what could have happened to the rapper, and his promoter cousin.

Nevertheless, there is substantial concern over the rapper’s safety–particularly because of violent situations he’s found himself caught up in over the last several years.

Bambino has been a gunshot victim more than once in his life. Most recently, he was shot in the face during an alleged robbery attempt.

He fully recovered from the incident.

In 2014, Bambino found himself caught up in beef with former labelmate and Atlanta rapper Alley Boy, who accused Bambino of “snitching” to police who were investigating several individuals for the murder of fellow former Trill artist Lil Phat (photo below).

The official motive behind the murder, according to court records, was retaliation over an alleged drug robbery Lil Phat was alleged to have orchestrated.

Three men were convicted in the murder case and received sentences that ranged from 25 years to life without parole.

Charges against another man, then a college basketball player, were dropped.

Bambino denied he had cooperated with police and even released court documents to dispute the allegations.

Yet, though seemingly unfounded, speculation is mounting that Phat’s murder, the subsequent criminal investigation, and Bambino and Skooly’s disappearance could be inter-related.

But some fans have questioned the details surrounding the disappearance, with many suggesting the men may not be missing at all and could be engaged in a publicity stunt.

Police in both Georgia and Alabama have now reportedly opened an inquiry into Bambino and Skooly’s disappearance.

Family members say Bambino and Kendrick left in a white 2016 Honda SUV last Sunday. Neither man has been heard from since last week and their phones are reportedly not operating.

Bambino’s mother, Ms. Aieda Harris, told Alabama’s Channel 12 that the men were last seen attending the county fair in Montgomery.

“They visited folk and they went out to the fair, you know a lot of people saw them at the fair plus they had posted it,” said Ms. Harris.

“After they left the fair they were supposed to go and visit somebody else, so after they went to visit that other person, nobody’s seen or heard anything from them.”

Reeves’ family describes him as a loving father and a friend to everyone.

“It hurts… so bad. His son is who I worry about the most,” said Rosalyn Cook, Reeves’ niece.

In a February post on his Twitter page, Bambino called Sunday his “Fun Day”, and urged his followers to, “Get you some money” on Sunday.

Let’s keep Bambino, Kendrick, and their families in our prayers and hope they return home safely and SOON.

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