Video Footage Shows North Korean Soldier Shot At By His Comrades As He Runs For His Life To Defect

A 24 year old North Korean soldier decided he wanted out of that hellish dump he called his native country, and made a dash for the South Korean border in video recently released by the United Nations.

The soldier was hauling ass in an army vehicle and then running for his life as his then ex-comrades are seen firing shots at him.

According to reports, the man, named “Oh”, managed to escape, but was shot five times and underwent surgery. He was briefly on life support but has regained consciousness and is said to be recovering while chilling and watching TV and listening to music–things that are closely regulated and sometimes banned in North Korea.

ABC News also said Oh is the third North Korean soldier to defect this year.

The United States and North Korea are currently under a tense standoff over the communist Asian country’s nuclear program, and the country’s leaders have exchanged insults ranging from calling each other “psychotic and old” to “fat and short”.

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