Woman Allegedly Killed 69 Year Old Thanksgiving Guest Because He Wouldn’t Let Her Hit His Crack Pipe

Anenia Hare is sitting in a Minneapolis jail, charged with murder, and is being held on $500,000 bail after cops say she allegedly attacked and killed an elderly Thanksgiving guest because he declined to share his crack cocaine with her.

Edward Caliph, 69, thought he was just coming over for a Thanksgiving feast. But he ended up dead at the hands of his alleged dope fiend neighbor.

Once Caliph sat down for the vittles, reportedly, he decided to really make himself at home and pulled out some crack rock to compliment his turkey and dressing.

This allegedly infuriated 47 year old Hare, who was appalled not only by Caliph’s poor manners, but also his unwillingness to offer her any of the dope he had.

That’s when things went horribly sideways.

According to reports, an infuriated Hare grabbed a TV antenna and a butcher’s knife, and told Caliph he wasn’t going no damn where.

Panicked, Caliph screamed for neighbors to call 911, then he used a vacuum cleaner to break a window to escape out of.

Hare says she tried to grab Caliph but fell on him and the two struggled for the knife. Hare told police Caliph then made a snoring sound and appeared unconscious.

Hare called 911 a total of four times. But Caliph died.

An autopsy found Caliph’s death was a result of homicidal violence.

Hare now faces up to life in prison if convicted.

Via: Minneapolis Star-Tribune
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