Azealia Banks Selling Her Clothes To Pay Her Bills, Has No Money For Biological Cosmetic Procedure?

Azealia Banks is goin learn to leave people alone. The NYC rapper, whose career is hanging on by the strand of her Yaki, might have tangled with the wrong chick this time and has now been put fully on blast.

And of course it all started when Azealia decided to kick off some beef:

“You are struggling to keep up with the rest of female rap and it’s time you seriously leave the Nicki Minaj subs and disses at home”.

That’s what Azealia posted after fellow NYC rapper Remy Ma claimed that she returned home from prison to a female rap scene that was all “tumbleweeds”.

Azealia called Remy a “struggling” artist, and an “auntie” in the rap game.

She also called Remy–who has a long-standing beef with Nicki Minaj–“a confused Stan” of Minaj who, Azealia added, is “a mile more important” than Remy.

That must have stung because Remy went nuclear, proceeding to post a series of humiliating screen shots that put all of Azealia’s dirty laundry in the streets–while simultaneously confirming to the world just how cray Azealia really is.

According to the screenshots (below), Azealia may allegedly be a stalker; may have severe mental issues (we new that though); feels her career is circling the drain (we knew that too); and can’t pay her bills.

Things have allegedly gotten so bad for the rude rapper that she is even having to sell off some of her ugly clothes to keep food on the table.

Even more embarrassing, Remy pointed out that Azealia wanted her advice about a much-needed labiaplasty procedure. But she may not be able to afford it though.

By the way, labiaplasty procedures are routinely performed by medical professionals on women who have “intersex” traits –meaning, having sexual organs that share unusual or sometimes even female and male characteristics.

The procedure can also be performed for purely cosmetic reasons as well.

For some strange reason, Azealia allegedly sent Remy a photo of her cat, with a caption that reads:

“I’m tryna have that porn p**** lol. I wanna get a labioplasty too to take the hood off my click. And make my coochie look little and perfect. And smooth”.

Its not a cute look for Azealia. But since nobody has ever heard of her music anyway, she may be able to recover.

Here’s the receipts:

Azealia, honey…I hear Wal-Mart is hiring.

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