“Bullied” Kid Keaton Jones And His Mama Exposed As Racist; Raised $55K + With Viral Video; Twitter Erupts

Last week, video of a weeping little boy with a BIG ASS nose touched hearts everywhere. The issue? He was being bullied at school because he said he looked “different”.

It was a heartbreaking video, one that anyone who was taunted as a child could relate to.

Celebrities, politicians and various other money holders fell all over themselves to offer Keaton Jones support, concert and sports tickets, encouraging tweets and most importantly, cash.

Some even offered to pay for Keaton’s much-needed rhinoplasty.

Today, we found out that Keaton Jones’ mama is a confederate-loving racist woman.

She left that part out of the cash-seeking video though.

What was also left out of the video: Keaton allegedly calling his classmates n******, which may have prompted the alleged bullying.

Here’s a post from her now defunct Facebook page:

Mother Jones has already banked about $55,000 in donations–in just one day of fundraising– thanks to the sob video going viral and celebs making him a national symbol of bullying.

After her racism was exposed, Ms. Jones quickly deleted the Facebook page in question and set up a GoFundMe account instead.

Interestingly, in the video, Keaton did not have any clear physical trauma, aside from that nose. Some say the whole thing was a hustle perpetrated by his hillbilly mom:

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