Could The Jacksonville Jaguars Get To The Super Bowl, Push Tom Brady Into Long-Overdue Retirement?

The Jacksonville Jaguars are one of two surprise teams to emerge as serious contenders in the 2017 race to the Super Bowl–the other team being the Los Angeles Rams.

But the Jaguars are succeeding with exceptional play from its top-ranked defense. It’s a sharp turnaround from this time last year when the Jaguars finished with a meager 3 wins and an embarrassing 13 losses. That had been the story for the last decade for the Jags: way more losses than wins.

But this year, the Jags look like the exact opposite of those losing teams. Even though consistency is still a concern, the Jags have a solid defense and are getting it done. So how far could they go this season?

The old NFL adage is that “Defense Wins Super Bowls”. If that’s true, could the Jaguars make their first-ever Super Bowl appearance backed by a bone crushing, top-ranked defense?

Yesterday, the Jaguars clobbered the Houston Texans 45-7. That was a week after they made a mockery of the once-respected Seattle Seahawks, who quickly turned violent after losing.

The Jaguars appear to be gaining momentum at the right time, and even their widely ridiculed quarterback, Blake Bortles, is playing like a quarterback–finally.

The Jags have already walloped the AFC’s #2 team–the Pittsburgh Steelers–and have beaten other potential AFC playoff opponents such as the Baltimore Ravens and the Los Angeles Chargers.

The only real threat to the Jags could be the New England Patriots and their aging quarterback, Tom Brady. The Patriots will do anything to win and they cheat A LOT and the refs usually help them so the Jags would have to play a perfect game to beat them…but I think they could.

So, could the Jaguars be the one team to beat the Patriots–and finally push Tom Brady into a well-overdue retirement?

Super Bowl 52 is about 6 weeks away.

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