Disabled Man Had His Money Taken, Was Forced To Deliver Drugs, Clean Up and Do Laundry In Freida Bosh’s Alleged Trap House: Report

Big Mama Frieda Bosh–mother of former NBA player Chris Bosh–is out on bail on a charge of exploiting the disabled a day after she and her roommate were arrested and charged with taking advantage of a disabled man who resided in her home.

The disabled victim told police that Freida and an accomplice, 27 year old Johnathan Brown, made him hand over nearly all of his meager monthly SSI income.

But that’s not all: the victim said he was forced to deliver illegal drugs, clean up occasional squalor inside the palatial trap house, and do everybody’s laundry as well.

Cops began building a case against Bosh and Brown after neighbors reported seeing a massive amount of suspicious traffic flowing to and from the home all day and night.

Freida’s roommate, 27 year old Brown, was allegedly the man behind the drug operation. Cops say Frieda did all of his bidding, and that Brown rewarded her by paying her in drugs.

The disabled man reportedly suffers from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and other mental health issues. He told police he feared retaliation from Brown were he to have gone to police.

Brown is still in custody, and has been charged with exploitation of a disabled person, traffic, parole and marijuana possession charges.

Reportedly, Chris Bosh had rented the home for his mother. Its unclear where he was when all of the alleged drug dealing and exploitation was going on.

Law enforcement officials were clear that Chris Bosh, however, is not a suspect in the case, according to reports.


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