Geriatric Gs: Elderly Couple On Cross-Country Trip Caught With A Truckload Of Weed; Claimed Shipment Was For “Christmas Gifts”

A very old version of Bonnie and Clyde were arrested in Nebraska after being stopped by cops in their Toyota Tacoma which was loaded down with 60 pounds of marijuana.

The 80 year old man and his 83 year old wife claimed the mega stash was for Christmas gifts. The couple reportedly was traveling from Cali to Vermont.

The man was detained in the York County jail on suspicion of felony drug charges. His 83-year-old wife was cited for a lesser charge and released.

Marijuana possession is legal in California, and legal for medical purposes only in Vermont.

So either way, it appears these geriatric Gs may have planned on trapping.

Marijuana is illegal in the majority of U.S. states. Each day, people are arrested for taking weed across state lines from a state where possession is legal, to a state where it is not.

There is a myth that the federal government allows marijuana possession, but that’s not accurate. Federal law prohibits weed possession, although the Obama administration previously abandoned prosecutions for weed.

The Trump administration, however, is reportedly considering reinstating policies aimed at expanding and increasing prosecutions for weed possession.

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