Instagram Hustle: Online Entrepreneur Atira Lyons Offers Exclusive, $20-$40 Du-Rags


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Instagram entrepreneur and aspiring urban fashion designer Atira Lyons of Atlanta is finding a unique way to get to the money: the up-and-coming online businesswoman offers her own line of exclusive, velvet du-rags.

The cost for the fly head gear is enough to make your hair wave up on its own though: starting price, $20.44, all the way up to $42.44 EACH.

Atira is hoping to bring the du-rag back in style, and its possible she’s onto something because a growing number of people, including women, are now being seen sporting du-rags.

Atira Lyons is I’m sure aware that a du-rag can be acquired for a buck at Dollar Tree, but none of those are likely to be velvet, FYI.

And in order to convince someone to fork over cell phone bill money for one du-rag, and also separate her line from the much-lower-priced competition, Atira’s line wisely comes in an eye-catching array of colors and designs.

Atira labels her products a “luxury” collection of du-rags.

Atira offers a “Wifey Collection” and Garments line as well.

Atira deserves props for fusing creativity, ambition, entrepreneurship and fashion in a unique way.

But if you’re looking to splurge on Atira’s pricey urban-wear, her website indicates she is currently out of stock on everything until the middle of next month.

And personally, I’m interested as hell to see how many of these she sells.

Atira’s line of head wear became a trending topic on Twitter Tuesday morning.

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