Khia Comes For Mom and Daughter Toya And Reginae With An Epic Late-Night Roast

You can say whatever you want to say about Khia but she will read. Maybe someone should have let Antonia “Toya” Wright and her daughter, Reginae Carter, know that about her before they enmeshed themselves in beef with the quick-witted rapper.

Late last night, Khia sent the mom and daughter duo a special delivery in the form of a vicious roast that quickly went viral on Black YouTube.

“Your mammy didn’t teach you no respect or manners”, Khia started. She directed that comment at Reginae, who took it upon herself to join her mom in a video response to Khia commenting on Toya’s latest baby daddy in a recent video from Khia’s web show that she co-hosts with YouTube sensation TS Madison, “The Queens Court”.

“Don’t you EVER in your 19 years of living try to get into a ring with a professional roaster”, Khia added before going completely in. Khia then talked about Toya becoming pregnant with Reginae at 14, alleged orgies with rapper Trina–a longtime and bitter Khia rival–and described Toya’s home as basically a crack house.

TS Madison threw in a shady jab by referring to Reginae as “Resumé”.

Khia then said Reginae has long been Toya’s “meal ticket” and her “bread”.

Khia went further and claimed Reginae is untalented, and got the boot from the ‘OMG Girlz’.

Toya may have thought she was being cute when she and Reginae recorded a video in which they referred to Khia as a “bum”. The mom and daughter recorded the video while they were being done-up for their WEtv reality show. They both commented that “we’re working”–a clear jab toward Khia, who Toya said spends her time talking about celebs for free on YouTube.

But Khia–who referred to Toya as “Toyota”–claims that Wetv “is not even a real TV network”. She also said Toya was being “pimped” by the network.

Khia also said Toya needs to not take her clothes off because she has “a bad body”.

I think Toya and Reginae are better off ignoring this video because its hard to imagine them coming up with a clap-back for this.

Check out the video.

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