Longtime TV News Anchor Amanda Davis Dies After “Massive Stroke”: Davis Had Battled Alcoholism, Rebounded After Arrests, And Did Not Try To Hide Her Much-Publicized Struggles

Longtime Atlanta TV news anchor Amanda Davis passed away yesterday after suffering what has been described as a “major stroke”. Davis was one of the most well-known, locally-based, Black female news anchors in the country, and her unexpected passing quickly became not only a trending topic on social media, but a national news story as well.

Amanda Davis started her career as a reporter for Atlanta’s FOX 5 in 1986. She was well-known for being one of the first anchors to land an interview with President-elect Barack Obama shortly after his historic presidential win.

She was also noted for her coverage of the funeral of Mrs. Coretta Scott- King in 2006.

Davis had many ups through her decades-long journalistic career. She also had several, highly publicized downs along the way.

In 2012, Davis was arrested for DUI involving a head-on crash, and left FOX shortly thereafter.

By 2015, she was working for the local CBS affiliate in Atlanta but was arrested for DUI for a third time.

She would also be arrested for driving on a suspended license in 2016. The case was later dropped after prosecutors said the arrest was made due to a computer records error.

All of her arrests were covered by local news media–including the stations she worked for.

But her viewers did not hold her troubles against her, and she received widespread praise for being very upfront with her personal issues, and tackling them head-on. She received an outiuring of public support when, following yet another DUI arrest, she went on television and said, “I am an alcoholic”.

She also spoke publicly about the pain of being left by her fiance, whom she had been in an 8 year relationship with.

Even more sadly, Ms. Davis was en route to her father’s funeral in Texas when she collapsed at the airport, and later died at a local hospital.

Tributes to the beloved and pioneering news anchor poured in on social media as shocked viewers and supporters made her death Twitter’s primary discussion overnight.

In a May editorial posted on CBS 46’s website, Amanda spoke of overcoming her addicition through faith and perseverance.

“I feel whole again, ready to see what life has in store for me next.  I’m here to say I fell down, hard, but I got back up. And that’s the key, I’ve learned no matter what, nothing is insurmountable.  And I’ll be OK.”

Amanda Davis was 62 years old.


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