Mary Norwood Concedes In ATL Mayoral Election, Doesn’t Congratulate Keisha Lance-Bottoms

It took more than two weeks, but Atlanta mayoral candidate Mary Norwood–who was seeking to become the city’s first White mayor since 1973–has finally conceded.

Norwood lost the contest by just under 800 votes to City Councilwoman Keisha Lance-Bottoms. But Norwood refused to concede, and claimed voter fraud and “irregularities” would require her to investigate the outcome further.

She also blamed the post office, saying delays in delivering absentee ballots affected the final outcome.

Norwood was reportedly looking to take the election to court, and hoped to convince a judge to toss out the election results and order a new election.

But that did not seem likely to happen, so Norwood conceded. In her concession speech, she again referenced “irregularities”, but said she would let it go.

She also declined to congratulate Keshia Lance-Bottoms.

“For the future of this city, I believe it is the right thing to do to move on and hold a new administration accountable to serve this great city well,” she said in a video posted online.
“I thank everyone who came forward to report polling situations and ballot issues that were concerning.”–Mary Norwood
Norwood received substantial support from most of the city employees unions, including the police and fire unions. She also received support from former Mayor Shirley Franklin and two former City Council presidents and other prominent city leaders and executives.
Bottoms was backed by national Democrats and local celebrities.
One major celebrity declined to pick a side in the race though: filmmaker Tyler Perry.
Bottoms accused Norwood of using “coded language” to disparage some Black voters in the race. Norwood disputed that, although she was caught in a secret recording referring to some Black voters as “thugs” and “felons”.
Bottoms was criticized for not paying her water bill for years and failing to release legible tax returns.
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