NFL Rewind: Falcons, Jags, Collapse; Cowboys Eliminated, as Playoffs Take Shape

The NFL Playoffs actually start next weekend. The season flew by, didn’t it? And over the last 72 hours, in the final week before the last games of the regular season, a lot came into focus moving forward.

For starters, the popular but often-horrible Dallas Cowboys were eliminated from playoff consideration after they bumbled their way through a 21-12 loss to the almost equally rudderless Seattle Seahawks.

Neither one of the teams seemed interested in winning for most of the game.

The Jacksonville Jaguars were completely taken apart by the exciting and emerging San Francisco 49ers, who appear poised to start some trouble up next season. The 49ers haven’t lost a game since signing quarterback Jimmy “G” Garoppolo, and they had little trouble stream-rolling the Jaguars, who have high hopes, but are saddled with a terrible quarterback in Blake Bortles.

The Atlanta Falcons spent the majority of their game against New Orleans being flagged by an overzealous and controversial referee who clearly has no love for ATL, Pete Morelli.

Allegedly, Morelli at one point even considered throwing a flag after a Falcons player passed gas.

But the Falcons couldn’t ever seem to get much going, so the whole game was ridiculous anyway.

The Falcons are clinging to a Wild Card spot and HAVE to win against Carolina at home this weekend to ensure they advance to the postseason–or hope that Seattle loses to Arizona which would result in the Falcons making the playoffs even with a loss to the Panthers.

The Falcons have turned into a surprisingly disappointing squad considering they were in the Super Bowl just this past February. If the Falcons make the playoffs, they face the prospect of most likely traveling back to New Orleans for a rematch, or to the league’s top ranked offense in Los Angeles.

At this point, its unclear who will represent the NFC in the Super Bowl: neither the Eagles or the Vikings, the conference’s top seeds, looks unbeatable, and could each be eliminated in the Divisional Round.

The AFC is still favored to be represented by the New England Patriots and their aging quarterback, and Trump supporter, Tom Brady.

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