Real Housewives Of Atlanta…Season 10 Ep. 5: “Petty Party” (Full Video)

The Real Housewives Of Atlanta aired episode 5 of its thus-far lackluster season 10 last night.

Here are the highlights:

Ne Ne Leakes hosted a “Girls and Gays”–themed party that Kim Zolciak crashed.

Champagne was flowing and flinging thanks to Kim Zolciak, who now favors deceased televangelist Tammy Faye Baker, and Moore, who is often accused on the show of being unable to keep a man, hurling insults back and forth.

Zolciak tried to physically confront Moore after Moore said Zolciak had tried to “pimp her daughter out” for John Legend tickets.

Zolciak had to be restrained by her husband, Kroy Bierman, a former Atlanta Falcon who has plenty of time to act as a bodyguard since his greatly diminished skill set appears to have prevented any other teams from signing him.

Kim grew so upset that she hurled a champagne glass at a stunned Kenya.

There were few other highlights aside from a shouting match later in the episode between Ne Ne and Porsha, who everyone but Kim seems to be avoiding like The Plague.

Sheree continues her designated role as Resident S*** Starter.

The only thing Cynthia seems to have going is actually her daughter’s dating life. Cynthia is also dating a guy but that situation looks laughably scripted.

Porsha may have inadvertently scored the Shade Of The Week moment when she comforted Kim by unknowingly referring to Kim’s daughter as a “ho”.

Take a peek:

Via: Sandra Rose

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