Tupac Murder Weapon Found–Then Turns Up Missing?

The gun used to murder rap legend Tupac Shakur was found in the backyard of a Compton, California home in 1998–and now its reportedly missing.

Tupac was murdered in Las Vegas–more than 300 miles away from Compton–in 1996.

The weapon was found at the same address of an alleged Crips gang member known to have beef with ‘Pac, according to TMZ.

And ballistics tests confirmed the .40 caliber pistol was the same gun used to kill Tupac.

The cop who ordered the ballistics test was already investigating the high-profile, unsolved murder of another Hip Hop megastar–the Notorious B.I.G., who was murdered in Los Angeles 6 months after Tupac, in March 1997.

Since then, Hip Hop fans have been left with a number of unanswered questions surrounding the murders of ‘Pac and Biggie, murders that remain unsolved.

Conspiracy theories abound. And an umber of names have been tossed out as suspects in the crimes.

‘Pac and Biggie were involved in a highly public before both were killed. ‘Pac believed Biggie had orchestrated a 1994 robbery in which ‘Pac was shot several times.

Later, ‘Pac would claim he bedded Biggie’s wife, Faith Evans.

The drama quickly turned into was labeled The East Coast/West Coast Beef.

By 1998, BOTH rappers were dead.

And no one has ever been charged with either of the crimes.

A multi-episode docu-series, “Who Killed Tupac?”, produced by A&E, explores the circumstances of ‘Pac’s killing. The final episode airs this Tuesday night.


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