Wendy Says Patti LaBelle Should Not Have Outed Luther Vandross

Even a blind 2 year old baby would have been able to clock the late R&B legend Luther Vandross for being a gay man. But that was part of the singer’s iconic life that he never publicly discussed.

But his dear friend Patti LaBelle did it for him–on national television, and more than a decade after he passed away.

On Watch What Happens Live this week, host Andy Cohen asked Patti why Luther never publicly came out of the closet during his lifetime. Luther Vandross died in 2005 after a leghty illness brought on from a stroke.

Patti said Luther didn’t want to “upset” his mother, and his legion of female fans.

“We talked about it. Basically, he did not want his mother to be – although she might have known, he wasn’t going to come out and say this to the world. And he had a lot of lady fans and he told me the he just didn’t want to upset the world.”–Patti LaBelle On Watch What Happens Live

Luther’s sexuality was never publicly discussed by his mother, Mary Ida Vandross, who passed away herself in 2008.

Morning show Queen Wendy Williams was critical of LaBelle’s choice to comment on Luther’s situation, especially since Luther has been dead for 12 years.

“Should not be his best friend” to have discussed it, Wendy said, pointing out how close Luther and Patti had been. In interviews, Luther described Patti as his mentor and an inspiration for his early career.

“Andy (Cohen) could have asked it…but she (Patti) should have just said no comment.”

Wendy discussed the subject during her Hot Topics segment this morning.

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